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Toe Nail Fungal Removal

The most common infection in nails is caused by a parasitic organism called fungus, it is characterized by a thickening of the nail that may also be discoloured. This is very common as it can be easily spread from person to person, it can be very uncomfortable and painful to deal with especially in the hotter months. Common treatments for this concern are either not effective or temporary solutions, at GraceMed we offer a longterm solution that is proven to be effective.

What is ClearSteps Laser Onychomycosis Treatment?
Fotona’s revolutionary method for treating toenail fungus is a comfortable and effective method that uses the power of laser light to weaken/kill the parasitic fungi on affected nails. This deep profile heating passes through the thickened nail and reaches down to the nail bed , the natural immune processes of the body are able to restore the nail.

  • No oral medication required
  • Proven safe and effective method to treat toe nail fungal infection
  • Improves appearance of thickened/ discoloured nail

What to expect during your treatment
Using our Nd:YAG laser, a circular pattern will be administered over the nails as well as the skin surrounding the nail. It is important to target the skin surrounding the nail because this prevents reinfection if the parasitic fungus has worked its way onto the skin. It is important to note that any socks, shoes, or sandals must be washed and sprayed with an anti fungal to ensure no reinfection. Throughout the treatment a mild sensation of heating will be felt. There is no downtime associated with this treatment, full results of this treatment can take 9-12 months as this is how long it will take for the healthy nail to grow out.