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HydroFacial is a two step process to gives your pores a deep clean while also actively  hydrating. This treatment is safe to do while getting laser done, pregnant, and breastfeeding.  Our Hydrofacial is a medical grade skin rejuvenation system that uses hydrodermabrasion to remove dead skin as well as congestion in the pores, meanwhile infusing the skin with hydrating serums. Our facial allows for customization of serums infused, to best treat and target your skin concerns.

What is HydroFacial.
Hydrodermabrasion uses a diamond tip exfoliator that first abrades the top dead layer of the skin, then suctions dead skin as well as debris that may be stuck in the pores. This suction is beneficial in removing debris as well as stimulating collagen production. Based on your skin concerns a customizable serum infusion will be added to ensure best outcome of your treatment.

What to expect during your treatment.
A thorough cleanse will be done before beginning. The first step is hydrodermabrasion, this is a comfortable process where you will feel a light suction on the skin as well as serums being unfused into the skin. The first step will prep the skin by removing debris and dead skin, allowing the following steps to penetrate more efficiently into the skin. Extractions will be done if needed (most common areas are on the t zone). After this exfoliation process is completed, we use our oxygen gun to infuse peptide serums- this is beneficial in restoring the freshly exfoliated skin, as well as adding a deeper hydration. A customized jelly mask will be added at the end, with finishing products.

What does HydroFacial treat?

  • -Congested/ Enlarged Pores
  • -Uneven skin texture
  • -Blackheads
  • -Dull looking skin