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Hair restoration

Permanent Hair restoration treatment for Men in Surrey, BC

Hair thinning/loss is a common concern to both men and women, some reasons this can occur because of genetics, stress, age, improper hair care and more. Men tend to notice this in early 30’s with receding hair line and women tend to notice more hair fallout. When it comes to hair thinning it is important to target this in the early stages and focus more on prevention and treatment. Our clinic offers a non invasive option of hair loss that effectively and comfortably stimulate hair follicles to promote growth.

What is HAIRestart?
Using our world renowned Fotona machine we offer an innovative treatment that have clinical research backing this comfortable treatment. The laser works by stimulating hair follicles to promote hair growth. The laser delivers precise and gentle thermal pulses, this causes a gentler heating of the skin producing growth factors without disrupting the skin epidermis (top layers of the skin). Clinical studies have proven to increase hair density and growth as well as stabilize any hair loss.

  • Increases hair density and thickness
  • Prevents further hair loss
  • No down-time

What to expect during the treatment?
A consultation will be done prior to the treatment to ensure all questions and concerns are understood. The average treatment time is 20-25 minutes, during the treatment a mild heating sensation is to be expected but is more commonly felt in sensitive areas such as the crown of the head and near the forehead. There is no downtime associated with the treatment, flaking/ itchiness in the scalp is to be expected but will subside within 48hrs.