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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting Treatment in Surrey, BC

At our clinic we work along side you to help you reach your body contouring goals, our team of
professionals will customize a treatment plan to ensure your needs are met.
Our non-invasive procedures utilize top of the line technology that are proven safe and
effective to remove fat and tighten the skin using the two step method.

What can body sculpting do for you?
Losing weight can be hard especially due to hormones, diet, lifestyle, post partum & more,
sometimes even consistent diet and excerice isn’t getting you to your desired goals- we offer
treatments that are proven effective, instantly showing improvements in inches lost and skin
Body sculpting can target and improve the appearance of multiple areas including but not
limited to:

  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Back
  • Hips

Caviation & RF
What is Cavitation & Radio Frequency?
Ultrasonic Cavitation uses ultrasound technology to break down stubborn fat deposits.
Ultrasonic vibrations are directed to the area of main concern, the vibrations break down the
fat cells into a liquid form which are then absorbed into the lymphatic system. The body gets
rid of this through sweating or urine, following pre and post care is vital for you to get the best
results out of the treatment.

Loose skin is often a concern after fat loss so at our clinic we target the collagen synthesis
after targeting the fat cell. Radio Frequency skin tightening works by going into the dermal
layers of our skin and contracts the collagen- tightening the skins surface and reducing the
appearance of cellulite.


  • Instant results can be seen (2-4 inches lost in each session)
  • The treatment improves appearance of cellulite as well as contouring
  • Safe and comfortable treatment

What to expect during your treatment
Caviation & Radio Frequency will be done in the same appointment to yield best results,
treatments times can vary depending on the area of the body but are generally booked for 60
min. We will go through a consultation with you for the first session to ensure this is the most
appropriate treatment option for you according to your goals. There is no pain associated with
the treatment, only a mild ringing in the ears can be expected (there are the ultrasonic waves)
and this can be combated by bringing headphones to distract the sound. The second stepRadio Frequency is relaxing as it you will feel a nice warmth to the skin. Before and after measurements will be taken to we can monitor your progress.

Tight Sculpting
What is Fotona Tight?
Many of us struggle with stubborn areas of fat and loose skin that exercise and diet alone
cannot solve, our clinic offer a treatment that is proven effective to reduce fat as well as tighten
skin.Tightsculpting uses an innovative dual-wavelength delivery method that initiates collagen
remodeling, this provides exceptional results for sculpting and tightening in all areas of the
body. This non-surgical method is proven to leave the skin looking and feeling tighter at the
same time targeting stubborn fat cells.

  • Targets more stubborn areas such as the “bra bulge”
  • Safe and comfortable treatment with no downtime
  • Effectively targets stubborn fat cells
  • Leaves skin smoother and tighter

What to expect during your treatment
Fotona TightSculpting is a comfortable two step method that will be done in the same
appointment. The treatment is scheduled for 45 min, a complimentary consult will be done
prior to the treatment. The first step consists of heating the deeper layers of the skin where fat
cells are held using our Nd:YAG, this stimulates the metabolism of the fat cells. The second
step utilizes our Er:YAG SMOOTH mode for skin tightening, the controlled surface tissue
heating stimulates remodelling of the collagen leaving the skin with an overall improved laxity
and tightness.