Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Surrey BC

Admin 02-Sep-2022

5 Reasons to Opt for Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Surrey BC

Getting rid of unwanted hair from your body can be a long and uncomfortable process when using the traditional methods. When looking for a long term solution for unwanted body hair there comes the effectiveness of availing a quality professional laser hair removal treatment. These treatments deliver outstanding results, saving you time and money!

Laser hair removal is the process of removing hair with the use of a concentrated beam of light. At GraceMed Esthetics & Wellness, we use a Nd: YAG which has the ability to safely and effectively treat darker skin tones. Nd:YAG laser beams have the ability to treat deeper skin tones because it operates at a wavelength of 1064 nm - meaning it goes directly into the follicles leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

This post discusses five primary reasons to opt for a laser hair removal treatment. Do give it a read.

Enjoy Long Lasting Results

The best thing about opting for receiving a laser hair removal treatment in Surrey BC is that it brings you long-lasting results. Unlike other hair removal methods that last 1-7 days, laser will actually target the hair follicle to permanently reduce the hair growth. After completing the recommended sessions the hairs will not grow back unless you have a hormonal change.

Save Your Money on the Long Run

A quality laser hair removal treatment not only offers you a long-lasting solution but also saves a great deal of money and time in the long run.

When deciding to get laser hair removal, it is important to do research on the type of laser being used, going with the cheaper option may not always be the right decision as results are not going to be as expected. Laser hair removal is an investment on oneself, if choosing the right place, noticeable results should be visible within the first 3 sessions.

Save Your Time

Opting for availing a quality professional laser hair removal treatment in Surrey BC also saves a great deal of your time. Shaving unwanted hair daily or applying a hair removal cream is tedious and time-consuming. Such methods are not suitable for your hectic everyday routine.

A secure laser hair removal treatment offered by a qualified aesthetician will give you long-lasting relief from the hair and thus saving your valuable time.

Painless Treatment Procedure

Any form of hair removal is not exactly the most relaxing experience, however having a good laser will allow for a more comfortable process. Using our Nd:YAG at GraceMed Esthetics & Wellness, we are proud to say the treatment is more comfortable in comparison to other laser - the reason for this is the laser has the ability to target the follicles at a deeper wavelength therefore not feeling the discomfort as much at the surface level. Our well trained skin specialists are also here to ensure your treatment is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Safe Option for Hair Removal 

 Laser hair removal treatments are a safe way to get rid of your unwanted body hair. Unlike most other methods that remove hair from the surface level, laser will target the root which in turn helps with ingrowns, razor bumps and the possibility of wax burns.

Other forms commonly used for hair removal are depilatory creams. Redness, irritations, and allergic reactions are some of the most common side effects of such hair removal creams. You can avoid harming your skin and get rid of all unwanted hair simply by opting for a quality professional laser hair removal treatment in Surrey BC.

If you are looking for an honest and professional laser hair treatment in Surrey BC, you do not have to look further than Grace MedEsthetics. You can visit our official website for further information, or call in to book a complimentary consultation.